IDEAS allows flexibility and adaptability to improve the Intellectual Property (IP) management:

Customizable entries to meet your organization needs: New Disclousures, Technologies, Patents, Copyright, TradeMark, KnowHow, Tehnology Offer, Enterpreneurship Projects, Agreements, Financials, Expression of Interest (EoI), Contacts, Individuals, Entities, Activities.

Intellectual Property

IDEAS can manage all type of IP with all detailed information: status, key dates & deadlines, legal information & documentation and complete patent genealogy tree.


Ready to be integrated with the corporative employee database, IDEAS manages all individuals, entities, contacts & expressions of interest and also the related financials (in & out) entries to each IP form.

Events & Alerts

Automatic control of deadlines and renewals. Events history and alarms may be configured for future key dates or deadlines and can send email notifications. Automatic alarm generation for a custom search criteria.

Reporting & Dashboard

Text based & advance search engine and tag system: all fields for all types of records, combining clauses with different operators. Lists and search results may be exported to excel. User statistics & custom Dashboard.


User experience design

IDEAS, easy & intuitive responsive web application, allows full access (wherever, whenever, however). Designed by/for the users: contextual & right button actions, drag&drop, recents and history.


IDEAS allows out-of-the-box: easy personalitzation & customization, granular role based and versatil authoritzation system, custom reports & templates. Installation, personalization, training & maintenance services are available.


Opensource web solution, based on standards (java, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular) ready to be integrated with LDAP & SSO, Database and other 3th party systems.
IDEAS allows: publish technology offer on customer portal, forms submission and data migration.

Open Patent Service (OPS)

OPS data is extracted from the bibliographic of the European Patent Office, worldwide legal status, full-text and image databases. It is therefore from the same sources as the Espacenet and European Patent Register data.

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IP is a legal framework that allows making profit from an idea, for the benefit of those who had it, commercialize its result for the benefit of those who implemented it and make it accessible to society
designed to assist: from the starting ideas to the commercial offers

The users of IDEAS, the Intellectual Property Management Software, are the inventors who have the ideas, the IP managers who are responsible of the management process of the ideas, the enterprises who trade with or use the idea under an IP form in benefit finally of all society. Here is the degree of usage of IDEAS software for this roles:


    IP Managers


    Who have the ideas and ...


    Companies trading with or using the idea under an IP form


    IDEAS allows making profit from an idea for the benefit of all society

Case Studies

Learn more about our clients using IDEAS the Intellectual Property (IP) Management Software.
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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Since 2010

More than 800 IP records managed

Full integration with corporative systems (Employee Database, LDAP, CAS SSO, SAP, Web & Intranet form submission)
Uploaded image


Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial
Uploaded image


Institut Català d’Investigació Química
Uploaded image


Universitat Rovira i Virgili
Since 2012

More than 300 IP records managed

Full integration with corporative systems (Employee Database, LDAP & CAS SSO)
Uploaded image


Universistat d’Alacant
Since 2015

More than 150 IP records managed

Full integration with corporative systems (Employee Database, LDAP & CAS SSO)
Uploaded image


Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Uploaded image


Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Uploaded image


Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries
Uploaded image


Insitut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia
Uploaded image


Universitat de Girona
Uploaded image


Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Uploaded image


Universitat Politècnica de València
Uploaded image


Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Uploaded image


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About US

IDEAS project was born in 2010 because the necessity of the UAB to manage all patents that the inventors of the university produced. Since 2010, UAB and GMV have invested and collaborated in the evolutives developments to make the solution more easy & usable for the users, added new functionalities and integrated with standards technologies and with de Espacenet (OPS) by European Patent Office.

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